You guys. Donald Miller tweeted me.image

So, remember when everything changed in an evening?  When I attended the Storyline Conference and Donald Miller called me on stage in front of 500 people and invited me to join his crew in San Diego in February so he could personally launch my book?

And I said, “Are you kidding me right now, Donald Miller?”

And he said, “I am absolutely not kidding you. Are you in?”

This is the weekend when it all happens. I am en route to San Diego for the Storyline Conference, and I’m up on Saturday morning for an interview with DM himself.

I’m going to Tweet my fingers off during this weekend of a lifetime. Because I tell you almost everything great, and this definitely falls under that umbrella.

DM said he’s bringing the love. Believe you me: I am, too.

In my suitcase (along with a few wardrobe options for because I never know when I’ll hate all my clothes), I have packed a wedding gift for Donald Miller and his new wife.

The Millers.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller.
Don and Betsy, I might call them.
When I give it to them.
Since they’re my friends now.

You guys. This is the weekend. If you need me, I’ll just be tagging along with Shauna Niequist, Ben Rector, Ann Lamott, Bob Goff, Allison Vesterfelt, Jon Acuff, and Tripp Freaking Crosby – the people who have written sentences and lyrics that appear in my dreams.

To-the-minute updates: @TriciaWilliford #andlifecomesback #storylineconf

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