The Day Before Tomorrow


And so it is the Day Before Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is when it happens.

Tomorrow, big things will change.

Tomorrow, I get a new title.

Tomorrow, this sweet creation will meet the world.

Interestingly, these are the same thoughts I pondered on the night before my children were born.  After waiting and growing and waiting and planning and waiting and creating space in my life, I was one day away from the birth of something I prayed would influence the world.

And the parallels continue, as I think about it.  My babies and my book have cost me some worry and sleep.  They both require some serious character shaping and development.  There are books in my boys; my boys are in this book.  Each one is an extension of me, and yet I must somehow separate my identity from each one’s successes and failures.    Each one requires me to set boundaries, lest I give it too much of my time and myself.  Each one makes me laugh.  And each one holds a whole lot of my heart.


And I sincerely hope you like all of these gifts that began as a seed of an idea tucked deeply inside of me.
But just so we’re clear, I wouldn’t give my very life for this book.

Or any book.

Those rights are exclusively reserved.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Was so excited to see your book on the kindle this morning.. beautiful couldn’t put it down.. there is a veggietales show and at the end Larry says to Bob, I laughed I cried it moved me Bob.. and I say to you, I laughed I cried you moved me Tricia..

  2. Amen!!!!! Can’t wait for my copy….Amazon tells me it is coming tomorrow.

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