Today I am wondering about the ways Adam and Eve parented.

I wonder if the method of arbitrary counting started with them, since we all do it and it has perhaps existed since the beginning of Creation, or at least around Genesis 3.

The counting because I’m waiting.
I’m waiting for him to put on his shoes.
Waiting for him to bring his dishes to the sink.
Waiting for him to run upstairs and find a pair of socks.
Waiting for him to listen to me.
Waiting for him to make a better choice than the one it appears he’s about to make.
Waiting for him to come running to me at the park, because the two-minute warning is up.
Waiting for them to put on their seatbelts.

Arbitrary counting for arbitrary waiting.

Sometimes I count up, with no clear goal in sight. Just pressure. I’m counting and he’s hearing me and who knows what could happen when I reach the end of my numbers? Mass destruction and heads exploding. Or the confiscation of Legos.

(I know Legos is not a word. The plural of Lego is Lego. But that -s just seems to be something I can’t let go of.)

But the one that is particularly peculiar to me is when I count down, and then I add fractions of numbers because we’re getting closer and closer and ever-so-closer to zero and clearly I need to add two-and-a-half and then two-and-three-eighths and so on, in order to maintain any authority.

I wonder if started with the original A & E, if perhaps they decided to add a little pressure to the situation by counting aloud.

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