Feminine Wiles of the Girl Scouts

Here we are, swept away once again by the feminine wiles of the Girl Scouts.

Oh, sweet little business women, with the twinkle in your eyes and the cash in your box, your patched vest and your bouncing ponytail. I cannot resist you. Certainly, the men on your market will have no hope; they will have only cookies.

“You can buy four boxes,” I said to my son. “And bring back the change.”

He came back with five boxes and no change.

“Five? What happened here?”

“She told me I forgot to buy one more.”


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Tricia,

    Paul Rondeau of American Life League and other pro-life organizations are urging a “cookie-cott” of the Girl Scouts. Rondeau contends “the Girl Scouts is no longer to be trusted.”

    Every cookie sold at least indirectly funds Planned Parenthood, the largest, richest, most powerful, most deceptive abortion provider and abortion lobbyist in the nation. Though they have no direct link to Planned Parenthood, the Scouts use curriculum from the abortion organization that promotes abortion and sexual intimacy to their young members.

    “If you check their leadership you will now find appointments at the senior, executive vice president level to sit on boards of family planning groups and abortion groups and the Human Rights Campaign, the pro-abortion lobby,” Rondeau tells OneNewsNow.

    He urges people to join the cookie-cott and not purchase the cookies. I second that motion!

    Jessica Shaver Renshaw, author
    Gianna: Aborted and Lived to Tell About It (Focus on the Family, 1995 and 2010)

  2. That little Girl Scout has a bright future ahead of her!

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