Stack the States.

You need to get this app as soon as possible. It’s this brilliant educational app that has made my children experts on United States geography in no time at all.

Or, it felt like no time at since they were in the iPod zone, and not fighting or bothering me.

Tuck can click and drag all of the states to their homes on the map in 15 seconds or less. Maybe it’s 8 seconds or less. I’m telling you, he’s fast. His favorite thing is to envision an invisible map hanging between us, and he says, “Mommy. Name a state.” I say Washington, and he points to his top left. And I say Florida, and he points to the bottom right. Then I make it harder and ask him to show me Ohio, and he points to the upper midwest. He even knows the specific locations I’ve never learned, like Delaware and Rhode Island and all those little ditties on the east coast.

And, as a bonus, young readers will teach you new and charming pronunciations.

New Idaho.
Lose Anna.
New Hampson.

Your life is about to get better. Your kids will study geography for hours, and you’ll look like a great mom.

Because this is what it takes these days.

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