If you heard a subtle and charming clicking sound this morning, it was me tap dancing in my driveway.  My garage is fixed.

When I moved in, the garage door opener didn’t work.

And then I replaced the battery. (I use the pronoun in that sentence very loosely.)  And it still didn’t work.

Then we cleared the signal to assign it a new garage opener, but that only cleared the connection to the touch pad from the outside.  And this has left me with no way to open the garage door except from the button within.

And this is a very sad state of affairs, let me tell you.

It involves leaving one boy in the garage to put the door down after the car is pulled out, and said boy perpetually argues, “Why do I always have to be the one?!”  It involves waiting for him to make his way through the house, through one exit or another, and to find us in the driveway, where his brother has already taken possession of the backseat and the kingdom therein.

And that doesn’t even include traveling alone in inclement weather and insufficient hair products.  I’m telling you, a sad state of affairs.

But today – sweet today! – the Garage Door Guy came and fixed everything.  Now I have a working remote, and the HomeLink works from the rearview mirror inside the car, and (disregard the implications of lack of security up until now) our very own code for the touch pad, rather than the one of the previous owners.  I mean, really, the options are endless when it comes to opening my garage door.

In a pinch, we could still do it the old fashioned way.  But I don’t think I even know what that is.

Garage Door Guy finished in no more than two minutes and for no less than $65.00.  I tap danced for him (in my mind).

Before he drove away, he handed me a gray sneaker with orange laces he found on the sidewalk.  Yes.  Thank you for the shoe.  Such lost-and-found moments make up the story of my life.

I can’t hardly wait to bring the boys home from school to show them the technology imparted to us that will revolutionize their lives. (Except that I can totally wait to bring them home from school.)

I’m pushing all the buttons right now to open and close my garage door in every way I can, just because I can.


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