We chose a table in the Playland at McDonalds, and right now I’m wondering how many of my posts over the last eight years have been about McDonalds.

Anyway.  Deal with it.

Our table was in the corner, next to the window that looks into the other part of the restaurant, the part where grownups eat.

Tyler sat between me and the window.  He could see the wall menu, the countertop, employees, people in line, and the Redbox.  And there was a big  X over the window, a metal reinforcement just in case things in the Playland got unruly.

Tyler gazed out the window and said, “Oh, look at the view!”

“The view?”

“Yes!  Oh, look what I can see from here!”

And then in a dreamy voice that most of us reserve for the Swiss Alps, he said, “I could look at this view for days…”

Tyler, you delight me.  O, to see the world as you do.  Even just for one day.

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