“Mommy, I don’t want two daddies.”

“Buddy, I’m not going to marry two men.”

“But you already married one.”

“And he’s in heaven, which means it is okay if I marry again.”

“And when you marry again, I will have two dads.”

“One in heaven and one here, though. Not two here.”

“It’s still two! I want one!” He folds his arms, raises his voice.

It is a lot to wrap your mind around, buddy. I’m sorry about that. You’re six. It’s a lot to process.”

“What will happen in heaven, when we are all together? Who will be my dad then?”

“Everything is different in heaven, lovey. It’s not the way we understand it here. We will have them both, and they will have us.”

He pauses thoughtfully. Brainstorming. Problem solving.

“Well, maybe they will leg wrestle to see who gets us. I think that’s what will happen.”

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