So, you know what? I have a limited number of advanced reader copies that I can give away at my discretion. Want one?

Here’s the scoop.

Sometimes, as a marketing tool, publishers provide an early release of a book in order to create buzz and spread the word. Word of mouth is one of the best sales tactics, since people usually choose their books based on a friend’s recommendation.

And so, my friends, I have a box of books in my living room. Tyler said, “Woah, that’s a whole lotta-lotta Life Comes Back!”

Would you consider becoming an Advanced Reader?

The book with a small catch: I need to ask you to talk about it after you read it. Share it with others. Tell them about it. Write about it on your blog. Write a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Give it to your local librarians, that they may order for their local districts. Spread the word to circles who might not know about the story, the blog, the book.  All over the country, all over the world.

Do you have some connections? Want to join my marketing team? Or -on a personal level, which is where I live and think – would you join my story by sharing it with others?


For an advanced copy, email me. Tell me how you can share this book with others – what circles you belong to, audiences can you speak into, circles you read with, blogs you write, blogs you read, bookstores you frequent or work at – any information that would cause my publisher to say, “Wow, Trish!  Great choice in sending a copy to that reader!”

Or just tell me how much you love this book already and your willingness to sing it from the mountaintops.

Waiting to hear from you. Please flood my inbox. 🙂

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