I followed the music, I followed the crowds, and I followed the scent of sweet smoke that I’m pretty sure costs more than cigarettes.

There are sundresses, and bras are optional. There are cargo shorts and untucked collared shirts with the sleeves cuffed twice, which happens to be a look I love. There is dancing in the aisles. There are Chucks and Fedoras. There are dads with a beer in the hand and a baby on the hip. There are drum solos. I’m pretty sure there is love making going on under some of these blankets. There are people with sunglasses shaded so you can’t see quite where they’re looking. Everyone seems to know everybody else. There are crowds upon crowds. I am among them.

I’m one of about 4,000 people attending a concert tonight.

I have stolen away for four days, writing until my fingers cramp or fall off. I’m not sure how to measure the productivity: in page numbers, word count, book titles, timed writings, or hours sleeping. Today has held a good bit of all of the above, and as a bonus, I found the world’s best coffee mug, which was also my goal for this trip.

I am confident it is the world’s best. It is assuredly the best of the first shop I visited. And that makes it the one I chose to choose.

And now here I am, at the end of the day. Or what is usually the end of my day. I’d be at home and at least in my jams by now, if not in bed under the influence of Ambien, but look at me. All out at a concert and stuff.

I’m sitting in a sports bar now, acting like I always go to sports bars, like I know exactly how to handle myself in this scene. I do seem to be the only person with her back to the screen. And I don’t see anyone else tapping away at her laptop.¬†Neil Diamond is singing Sweet Caroline. And there are only three flags (banners? pendants?) on the walls in this place. One is Ohio State, with a big buckeye leaf.

(Hi, lovey. Thank you for joining me tonight, from your corner of the room. I bet you thought, “Well, well. Who’s the cute chick in the sweet jeans and aviator sunglasses? All brave and venturing out on her own? Yep. I married that girl once.”)

I think tonight has been the closest to Woodstock that I will ever come. I am brave and I do brave things.

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