My favorite variety of boldness is calamari.  And my favorite bits of calamari are the ones that actually look like a small octopus.  I can count the tentacles.  They’re like tangled balls of yarn.

Seems like it should creep me out, make me want to become a vegetarian, but it doesn’t.

Except one time it did.

When we were in California, we ate at a marina one evening, and naturally I ordered the calamari that is my favorite boldness. I should have taken the first clue from the menu: they were called Calamari Fingers.  And they weren’t kidding.  Those were the meatiest little creepy creepers.  I felt like I was chewing erasers.

Turns out, I guess I’m a fan of inland calamari, which is mostly fried bits of goodness.

But otherwise, calamari takes the cake.  Or the marinara.


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