Cage-Free Egg

“Write about what is in front of you.”


In front of me is the Starbucks table for two, my very favorite one in the store.  I haven’t been here in a few weeks.  In fact, I challenged myself to go somewhere else this morning, to settle in and feel the groover somewhere else. But then I took a shower, changed the bandage on my elbow, and that was pretty much all the ‘new’ I could handle for this day.


In front of me is the Starbucks Protein pack.  Bistro Box.  A cage-free egg, white cheddar cheese, multigrain meusli bread with honey peanut butter spread, apples and grapes.  Delicious.  Not my usual fare, but I looked at the scale yesterday when I went to the doctor.  Which frankly irritated me more than the number on it – I was more annoyed that I looked at it.  I make it a point not to know.  And now I know.  And now I’m having a hard boiled egg and apple slices for lunch.


I think it’s funny and thoughtful that it’s a cage-free egg.  I don’t think I would really mind if my egg came from a cage.  But it’s possible that I don’t give much thought to the welfare of animals outside my control.  I’ve heard this recently.  A weakness of mine, it seems.


So, hooray for the cage-free egg!


I will write for two hours today.  About Jack and Audrey and Campbell and Laura.  Someday I will introduce them to you.  I’m seriously getting to know them so well – so much so that I dream about them.  I carry them to bed with me, thinking, “Oh, their stories!  Their stories… it’s just so much to hold.”  As if I am their collective therapist and I have got to set some boundaries before their problems become my own.


“Psst.  Hey, Tricia.  You’re the one writing the story.  You get to be in charge of your emotions and your characters.”


Actually, that’s a myth.  When I write, I’m pretty much not in charge of anything, at least if I’m writing with authenticity.  And I’m not sure I would want to feel less when I write.  Because if the writer feels little to nothing, then so will the reader.


And I think I have more to give you than that.


In front of me is always the Valencia Orange beverage.  If you work it right, you can get a drink around 1:00, save your treat receipt (they ask me every time, as if I’ll ever say no) and get your $2.00 drink in the same visit.  I am a master of such trickery.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I like the free-thought writing and what you said about your characters. I find that in my writing, even just journaling, my thoughts and where they go surprises me. That’s the fun of it!

    And my Starbucks trick is to order an Iced Coffee and stay long enough to get my free refill right before leaving and hoard it for the next day. 🙂

  2. My characters always surprise me. Sometimes I think I know exactly how they will react in a situation then — bam — something totally different happens. Only another author understands this (and doesn’t think you are crazy for saying what is beyond your control).

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