Tyler was building a sand castle on the shores of Oceanside beach.


“Hey, Mommy, do you have a little bucket?  Or a hat or something?”


“What do you need it for?”


“To collect tips.”


* * *


He has a solid theory on how the inside of his nose could get a sunburn.  And he has thereby taught me to be thankful that my nostrils do not point the other way, and neither does the flesh of my nose open like an umbrella.


* * *


I unpacked our snacks at the pool, including chips, carrots, cheese, and giant marshmallows – so big that Tyler can eat them like an apple.  He chose the marshmallow first.


I said, “I’m guessing you won’t get to the cheese.”


He laughed to himself.  “You’re guessing?!”


* * *


He scraped his chin on a trampoline.

I offered him a BandAid.

He opted for an ace bandage.

He wrapped it around his neck in thick loops.

And he wore it for the rest of the evening.

All throughout the neighborhood.


* * *


I am in love with this kid.  I told him so.

He raised his eyebrows, horrified.

“In love?!  What?!  No.  I won’t have that.”

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