If you’re with your dad today,
I wish you a day that is beautiful, rich, long, and full.

If you’re missing your dad today,
I wish you a day of soul care,
of remembering well,
and of letting sadness sit with you.

If you’re a dad who has outlived his son,
I wish you a day of honor,
of remembering well,
of knowing you influenced his every day.

If you don’t have children,
but you have the heart of a dad,
I wish you a day of careful words,
gentle hearts, and a place for yours to feel.

If you’re a single dad,
and you’re flying solo and kicking this thing with all you’ve got,
I wish you a day of rest and appreciation, of the knowledge that you’re more of a hero than you know.

If you receive a tie today, I hope you also received a receipt.
If you received breakfast in bed, I hope the crumbs stay with you until you change the sheets.

And if you’re the new daddy for our family, we prayed for you this morning.

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