Color Schemes

I need a new cover for my iPhone. Scratch that. I want a new cover for my iPhone.

Mine is originally shades of gray and purple, a floral, swirling design, but now it’s dirty and cracked and faded. Maybe I want black. Maybe I don’t. I don’t want pink. In general, I resist pink. I think it’s because somewhere along the line pink was filed into the same category as weakness, dependent, princessy damsel in distress. Too feminine seems too weak in my mind. I resist the girl version of anything. It’s’ not that I’m not feminine – I seriously ‘girl it up’ on a daily basis. It’s just that I don’t want a pink iPhone cover. In itself, a ringtone says a lot about a person. Add the iPhone cover, and I think you could practically conduct a Myers Briggs assessment.

I don’t remember when red became my favorite color – unless it was probably at the start of kindergarten when all the crayons were lined up in my box, quite perfect with their round, flat tips. I decided then that red was the prettiest, I would use her first. And I always used her first. She became the most used, the most loved, the most worn down, flat and sad, her paper clothing torn away to reveal her personal self underneath.

When I was in fifth grade, at my new public school where I began to learn outside the worldview of a Christian school, the art teacher was telling us what our favorite colors meant about us. I don’t remember what she said about any of my classmates or any other color, but I remember that she said, “If your favorite color is red, it means you’ll run around and cheat on your husband.” Why she said that to a ten-year-old is beyond me to this day. But I thought to myself, well, I cannot let that be true of me. And in that moment, my favorite color became purple. I chose it first, always, as much as possible, and I told everyone who asked or didn’t ask. Purple was my new favorite. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew I didn’t want to be a wife who didn’t love her husband well. So, purple it would be.

Years ago, a new friend noted how my life was decorated in purples, lavenders, and pinks. So much of my life was pink and purple and thereby ultra feminine, and she fit me into a neat and tidy stereotype as a result. I resisted the stereotype, and thereby I changed my favorite colors.

My new favorites would be neutral earth tones. Browns and greens. Those were lovely colors, strong or muted, and they could become mine. I would claim this new identity, and I would cast aside the old color preferences, along with the old style, the feminine me with ribbons in her hair. Gone with her.

Then for a while it was sunshine yellow, butter yellow. Then specifically chocolate brown and grass green. I think that’s where I land today. Grass green.

I wonder what a person’s iPhone cover says about them. Mine will never say I’m too feminine. It won’t.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Red is a cheater’s color?! Never knew. 😉 Seriously, though, what teacher says that to kid?! Kind of like my fourth grade teacher saying my mother was stupid because my sash on my dress wasn’t tied. I really don’t know how it was my mom’s fault that it came untied, but I do know her opinions on our parents should have been kept to herself. Forty years later and I haven’t forgotten that statement. 🙁 It serves as a reminder that kids remember the times we speak unkindly to them. As a kindergarten teacher, I hope I always keep that in the back of my mind.
    My favorite is yellow. Sunny yellow like in Thomas kinkade’s paintings. 🙂

  2. That teacher never should have said such a thing to a young girl. Growl.

    Blue used to be my absolutely FAVOURITE colour, especially the deep, royal blue that is the truest of blues. I think part of the reason I chose blue is that I have blue eyes and blonde hair, and I was often complimented on how very blue my eyes were. I knew I wanted to marry a blond, blue-eyed guy (who was tall and good-looking, like the guys in the cigarette ads – yes, I am dating myself). I ended up marrying a guy who is tall and good-looking, but had very dark brown hair. At least he had the required blue eyes.

    Interestingly, his favourite colour has always been red. As I get older, I find my eyes drawn more to red than to blue. Maybe nearly 40 years of marriage has influenced my colour choice? Not sure. I still love blue, but I like it more in dishes and in dresses rather than in rooms or cars. A red car is more appealing to me than a blue car, and I love it when people are brave enough to have a red room in their home, rather than the subdued beiges and taupes that are the norm.

    Have fun choosing your new iPhone cover!

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