“In polite company, I know, writing in books is frowned upon, even considered vandalism.  For others, it’s a form of veneration, with each reader’s marginal scrawlings becoming part of an ongoing conversation with the author.

I’m obviously an advocate of the second camp.

There are a couple of books on my shelves that are held together with rubber bands because the glued bindings have long since given way.  These books are thickened at the corners with all the pages I’ve dog-eared.  Passages are underlined and special notations are written on the blank side of the covers.  Like the worn fur and patched holes of a child’s favorite stuffed toy or blankie, the wrinkled pages, marginal scrawls, and broken bindings testify not to the reader’s abuse or disrespect but to his admiration and gratitude.

Put yourself in the pages wherever you can — it’s all part of awakening the best in yourself.”


~ Hal Zina Bennett, Write Starts

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