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Here’s the deal. If you need or want to sell your home, I have your dream team.


For all you fellow wordsmiths, Trelora is the word Realtor, mixed up. That’s because, quite cleverly as a play on words and quite brilliantly as a move in the market, they are shaking up the real estate industry.

Their real estate model is flat fee: $1,700 to list your home.

For all you bottom liners, here’s the scoop: I saved $9,300 when I sold my home. Try finding a better headline than that in the world of real estate.

Add to that: my home sold in fifteen days to a cash buyer.

For all of you who enjoy anecdotal data, read on. (Count on me for your anecdotal needs.)

I might as well have been a first time home buyer for all I knew about what I was doing. I had my eye on a home, one I thought I wanted with all my heart, and I moved forward with appraisals and inspections and conversations, thinking this was all mine to do. Because who can expect full service for $1700? Certainly not me, or so I thought.

Joshua Hunt, who is the CEO of Trelora, a real estate mogul, and always dressed in amazing boots that make you want to follow him anywhere, gave me a gracious phone call.

“Hey, Tricia? Let’s talk. This house you love may very well be the house you’ll move into. But I want to get you in a car with our buyer’s agent, get you in some houses, and get you fully educated on your options. At the end of the day, if that house that still holds your heart, we’ll make it happen. But before you sign a contract, I want you to know everything that’s available to you.”

You can’t really turn down a suggestion like that. It was a win-win. Joshua took all the pressure off that I had taken on by my own choosing. I cancelled my appointments, put the brakes on what could have been an investment mistake, and followed Joshua’s lead.
He presented me with a team who walked me through the entire process, beginning to end, including every emotion therein.

Whitney Sweet represented me in the buying. She’s the girl who helped me land my dream home in less than a day, get my offer in under the wire, and write up a contract at the closest McDonalds. She held my hand as I walked through my home one more time. She spoke on my behalf and in my ear, always with integrity and respect. (Plus, her name is Whitney Sweet. She’s downright edible.)

Amy Miller has a purple mohawk, wears skinny jeans, drives a motorcycle, and she’s the most darling belle on the phone. She came to my house, measured the rooms, listed my home, and scheduled and monitored 60+ showings. Amy acted as though my home were the most important on her market.

Laura McBride connected all the dots and talked with me any hour of the day or night. In fact, I think there is still a bundle of my boxes in the back of her car, floating around with her kids’ basketball equipment. She’s unflappable, unruffled, and undisturbable. You want her in your corner.

Sean Youngman is a Loan Officer Extraordinaire. There’s not just anyone who can handle a wordsmith artist who pays little attention to numbers, budget, taxes, rates, percentages, and deadlines. Seriously. Call him directly: 720-489-0712. I found a great interest rate, a manageable monthly payment, and a good friend in the process.

The experience was flawless, and I’m not exactly a low maintenance girl when it comes to these things.

If you’re looking to make a move, I promise, this is the dream team. They’ll take care of you.

Tell them I sent you.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. We used them also to sell a home in 2012 and to buy a home just last week that we closed on. Can not speak highly enough about them!

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