I sat at the familiar table in the familiar conference room with the familiar team of experts who teach Tuck.  They each gave me their professional opinions on how he’s doing.

Want to know what they said?

“Tricia, his speech is perfect.”

“He’s becoming a writer.”

“Look at these samples – look how his handwriting has improved.”

“He’s reading above grade level.”

“He has met every goal.  We see no reason for him to continue on an IEP.  If you’ll sign here, then all of this will be behind him.”

Hand me that pen, please.  Or, wait.  I brought my own.

My son is hereby released from all things “special ed.”  He can talk, he can read, he can write.

And then they said one more thing: “Also, Tucker tells us you’re going to have a baby.”

“He… what?”

“He says you’re going to have a baby in about three months.  Or as soon as you can find a man.”

Well, bless his little fluent-with-language heart.

p.s. I’m not.  And I won’t be ‘as soon as’ anything.

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