Wonderful and Strange at the Furniture Counter

Yesterday, I went to American Furniture Warehouse to stroll through and get some ideas for the dining room I’ve never had and the bedroom I’m about to move into.

I chose the most beautiful bed. Wrought iron frame, artistic canopy over the top (don’t think pink, fluffy canopy; think contemporary bends and twists of wrought iron), colorful splashy pillows.

What struck my attention, however, was something resembling an industrial rolling ladder (which can be found online at www.platformsandladders.com/rolling-ladders/). For a few minutes, I stared at it and imagined how I would decorate it if I were to buy it. Besides serving as a ladder, I could also use it as a plant stand or bookshelf. Honestly, I was quite intrigued by the design and structure, but I refrained from purchasing it. Possibly, I’ll reconsider sometime in the future.

The truth is, I think I was not the only one in the shop who was enjoying himself (looking at different pieces of furniture). I think Sue also felt happy. However, her reason might have been different. Sue, the sales associate, was pretty glad because I came to the shop (I think so).

We stood at the transaction counter, as she plugged my inventory into her computer. A picture popped up of the new, luxurious bed.

“Oh, my. That’s so lovely,” she said.

“Thank you. It’s a pretty important decision to me. It represents so much more than a purchase or a new decorative item.”

I gave her the Reader’s Digest version of my story, briefly explaining why a new bed is another piece of new life for me.

She reached for my hand. “Oh, my. So the Lord has carried you.”

Ah, a name we both understand, I see. “Yes, he sure has.”

“You’re a believer,” she told me. “I knew it.” Then she paused, marked the spot where she would stop, and set down her pen and glasses. She leaned across the counter and spoke in hushed tones. “I need to say this to you right now. I know I need to.”

Here eye contact was so intentional, so intense. She took both my hands in hers.

She said, “This will be a year of favor for you. I know it will. These words are in my mind right now, and I need to say them out loud: ‘Remember not the things of the past, but behold, I am doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it?’ Tricia, the battle you’ve been fighting is almost over. It will not last forever, and it will end this year. God is doing a new thing. This is your year of favor. I bless you in the name of Jesus. Big things are going to happen to you this year, Tricia. You can expect it. Expect big things.”

Well, wow. I’m pretty sure this sales associate just spoke a blessing over me, perhaps even a prophesy, in a furniture warehouse during what I thought was a chance meeting based on commission.

She was so peaceful and the moment was so still. It’s the kind of story that is perfectly beautiful in the moment and oddly strange in the retelling.

“I receive that,” I said to her. “And can you say it again? I want to hear it again.”

“Remember not the things of the past, Tricia. Behold, he is doing a new thing. This is your year of favor. Expect big things.”

I believe I will. And I’ll write it down. Sue, the sales associate, said it would happen.

We shall see.

(I love wonderful, strange things that otherwise make no sense. This one goes on the list.)

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I have never read your blog before, but in light of a God-sighting of my own today, a friend shared your blog so I could read your own God-sighting, or God-incidences as I like to call them. I am in the midst of a Bible Study by Priscilla Schirer called “Discerning the Voice of God”, and I now have two awesome examples of how God speaks to us through others to share with them…. thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I have tears of joy and hope and excitement for you. We’ve already seen the beginnings of that with the sale of your house and purchase of your new one in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect neighbors, and your book being published and more in the works, etc. Amazing things keep happening to you!

  3. Stop making me cry! 😉 This is so perfect and I will believe right along beside you! (well….a few states away, but right along beside you nonetheless)

  4. Wow. What a wonderful “chance” meeting. I’ll get behind that blessing with a yes and amen!

  5. Oh how the Spirit overcame me when I read her words. That was meeting was of God! 🙂

  6. Our God uses ordinary people for great things–if they are open and willing to step out in faith. Or, maybe she was an ANGEL! You may never see that furniture in that case. But, so what? 🙂

  7. Hi Tricia,

    My name is Patti and I am Krista Keane’s Mom. I am so happy to be on your blog now and have followed your story through the heart of Krista. I am so touched by your journey and am so blessed that Sue spoke what I believe is a Word of Knowledge into your life. I have had that happen only once in my life and it was during a tunnel of darkness I was experiencing. And, yes, the words were fulfilled, so I know it was from God. By the way I love wrought iron and we have head board and foot board! I am praying Numbers 6:24-26 over you right now. Blessings to you, my new friend!


  8. How surreal. I am glad! I had a similar experience when I was 15. I was planning my death and my violin instructor’s husband came into my lesson, told me not to do what I was thinking, that it was okay, that God was going to use me for great things. Then he blessed me and cried. I wish I remember his exact wording.

    Reading this gave me chills. God is awesome.

    • That’s a beautiful testimony. God is so good. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Wow! That one gave me chills. HE is SO Good!

  10. Wow! Just wow!

  11. That brought tears to my eyes. What a precious gift of words.

  12. That is strangely wonderful!

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