My brother called me during the post-dinner routine of baths and books and homework.

“Hey! What’s going on over there, Trish?”

“Well, I’m just helping two super smart kids [who were listening] with their homework.”

“Ah, great. I’ll let you at it then. I just wanted to hear from you – from your actual, physical voice – about the new house.”

“Oh, yes. Let’s talk about that soon.”

“So, get back to that homework. And, um, if it’s long division, they are working on, tell them their suspicions are true: they actually won’t ever use it again.”

“I’ll tell them.”

“Tell them that most of what they’re learning is unnecessary, but that high school diploma will come in handy. Tell them.”

Yep. I’ll get right on that. Since every word from Uncle Rob is gospel in this family.

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