Today I discovered a couple of life-changers.

First of all, the cafe at Whole Foods.  Oh, my great day.  Perhaps you already knew of this goodness, and you’ve been waiting for my grand moment of revelation.  A million options to eat (I chose the Southwest Quinoa Veggie Wrap), a cozy cafe to settle into, and WiFi to boot.

And to top it off, it’s organic and good for me, for people to whom that matters (of which, sadly and embarrassingly without apology, I am not one).  I was careful to use my stealthy detective skills to determine there wasn’t a soft drink machine.  Diet Pepsi doesn’t fit into the Whole Foods mentality. I get it.

So, I’ll drink water.  And I’ll try to determine what of my leftovers belongs in the compost pile they’ve supplied with such courtesy.

I mean, really.  I could live here for a fair amount of days, I’m pretty sure.

Also, I learned today that Anne Lamott hates wind.  “Another damn wind.  I hate wind so much.  It can make you feel hopeless, even in world-class beauty.”

Anne Lamott hates wind?  I hate wind!  Hate is a strong word, but it’s accurate for the emotion that consumes me when my hair is stuck to my lipgloss and the car door keeps crashing into my shins.  Wind makes me angry.

As if I didn’t already love Anne, we both hate wind.  I mean, that’s reason enough.

Also, Quinoa is fun to say.

Deep thoughts happening here today, folks.

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