We made Cake Pops.  Which is to say we made a mess.

There must be a better way to do it.  The directions said to add ‘half the packet’ of icing, but in my love for icing, I just added the whole packet.  This may have added to the mud-like consistency.  I may have found the error, though I resist any inkling of less frosting anywhere.

My little readers read the box aloud to me.  “It says, ‘Who doesn’t love cake on a stick?'”

“I do.”

“No, Mommy.  It said ‘who doesn’t.'”

“And I agree.  I do.  I do love cake on a stick.”

“Mommy, the word is doesn’t.  Who doesn’t.”

“I understand the question.”

“But you keep saying that you do.  They want to know who doesn’t.”

“Okay, then.  I guess… I… am not a person who doesn’t like cake on a stick.”

Glad we cleared that up.  Who doesn’t like cake on a stick?  I do.  Or I doesn’t do.

I don’t know.  Whatever.  They’re tasty (albeit not pretty), with frosting and sprinkles.  That’s all I can say for sure.

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