The Search for a New Home

I made mention of us living at my parents’ house while potential buyers stroll through my home, in hopes of making it theirs, and several of you perked your ears and cocked your head in my direction:

What? Moving? Did you mention this? How did we miss this??

You all are so great, following my family, as if I may move and you won’t know where to find me. Nobody will ever convince me that there’s anything less about a ‘virtual’ community. 🙂

My home is staged, on the market, and on parade this weekend with over a dozen visitors – even some strolling through as I type to you. Feel free to join them on a virtual tour.

I splurged with two dozen roses in a vase on the kitchen island. A suggestion to say, “Such charm happens in this home. Go ahead and envision yourself living here.”

I’m staying in town, hoping to purchase nearby, but I haven’t bought a new house yet. One thing at a time seems wise for this girl. Once I have a buyer, then I’ll become one. Then I can sort out insurance and the like. Maybe even go through a few design ideas for some of the rooms, pick out some removable wallpaper (just in case I change my mind), bring along a couple of paint samples, and so on. Hopefully, that will calm down the stress of finding a place.

In addition, I would really want to move to a house with a shingled roof. I know it needs to be maintained but looks lovely. Right? Well! If I get one, the first thing I’d do is get the eavestrough cleaned, so I don’t have to deal with damp walls later on. I mean, during the rainy season, and even during the snow, it might reduce a significant portion of my cleaning work. Many people advised me to visit websites like once I purchase the home of my dreams in order to have the roof gutters cleaned and repaired. Also, I don’t want my garden area (which I would most likely have in my house) to be harmed. The reason is free-falling water from the roof can cause soil erosion and oversaturation. These issues obviously have an impact on the plants and bushes that are grown near the main structure of the house. So handling eavestrough would most likely be my top priority at the time.

I have a friend who went through this process herself. She’s in the UK, and one sure insurance helped her once she had her new home locked in. I may do the same.

It’s funny though. There was a time when I thought I’d never want to leave. But the heart heals, the children grow, and roots need fresh soil.

* * *

Dear New Family, in Search for a New Home,

Oh, how I love this home. I hope you will too.

I hope you find the right people to help you move into your new home. This might include plumbers, electricians, movers (if interested, check, and many other services.

I hope you will fall in love with the kitchen, her spacious cupboards, counter space, and her yellow sunshine. That you will feast on love and abundance in this room.

That you will enjoy the hardwood floors, a gift from a blog reader who wanted to bless our family. The floors make a great space for Legos and Hot Wheels.

That you won’t mind that it backs to a county road with a fair amount of traffic. It’s actually not that big of a deal; I know you think it is; we thought it would be too. It’s just… not. The fence is tall and the traffic noise is minimal. Plus, if your toddler locks you into the upstairs bedroom for hours on end, you’ll be thankful for driveby traffic who will call 9-1-1 on your behalf. But this is unlikely, since we changed those doorknobs years ago.

That you will stroll the neighborhood after dinner with your love, perhaps with a stroller, wagon, or even your chocolate labrador. Grandview Trail is two blocks away, and I assure you: the view is grand, especially as the sun sets over the mountains.

That you will have summer picnics on the deck (made of composite material so it is maintenance free); a team from our church community built that deck as a gift to me, knowing it was the one unfinished task on Robb’s to-do list.

That you may bring your newborn babies home from the hospital, that they may sleep in peace in the nursery, learn to crawl up the carpeted stairs, and find cozy corners to read board books.

That your children and their friends will welcome you home in the driveway, that rain will wash their sidewalk murals clean for a brand new canvas. That you will know the good people who live on each side, who will rush to you in an emergency.

That maybe you like to write or read. A book was born here, you know.

That you will see this home is made for happiness, for hospitality, for loving people well.

That you will find sanctuary here, for I have prayed over every room. Many people have. Worship and grace and love and laughter have echoed in this home.

It’s a beautiful home, and I would love to stay. But it’s your turn.

Love her well. She’s been good to us.


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I second Claire’s lovely comment!

  2. Hmm, surprised you didn’t talk yourself into staying!

  3. With such a blessed invitation, who would *not* want to buy the home? I pray for a selling process that is as expeditious as your future purchase is filled with hope. Moving can solidify memories and holds the potential for new ones unimaginable. May God’s plans to prosper life for you be realized daily (Jeremiah 29:11)

  4. Wow Tricia, I want to buy it, and I haven’t even done the virtual tour yet! Hopefully there will be a post soon about the house you have found to continue beautiful memories.

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