“Tricia, sometimes I advise you to do something, and I can watch you think it over, take it into consideration, and plan your next step with that advice in mind.

Other times, I can see immediately on your face: nope.  She’s not going to do what I just asked her to do.  Not a snowball’s chance.  At least not within the next six months.

I’m learning the dance, Tricia.  Sometimes it’s a predictable, measured waltz.  Other times, it’s an eighties swing with no rhythm, rhyme or reason.

So I continue to counsel you, and I watch what you’ll do on the dance floor.”

I imagine it’s a tricky proposition to offer therapy and counseling to a girl who vacillates between compliant and fiercely independent.  Especially when I’m not even sure where I am on the spectrum.

It’s good to be known.  And she’s brilliant.

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