I’m sitting at my corner table.  The one I loved so much.  It’s not Starbucks anymore; now it’s Smashburger.
The music is loud.  The environment is Burgers.
A guy in the kitchen is singing random phrases from songs of the early nineties.  Loudly.
Every few minutes, someone on the staff yells something in jibberish, and everyone else in the matching t-shirts shouts the same unintelligible response.

I feel like I’ve made my own Trip to Bountiful.
The only thing that remains is the view from the window.
It’s not peaceful here.
It smells like mustard, not coffee.
This is not my space.

In this corner, I discovered grace, healing, the psalmists, honesty, the gift of writing through the storm and the sunshine.
I discovered the new, beautiful, strong and unbreakable version of myself.
That’s beautiful on so many levels.

Most of all because I can take my findings with me.

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