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The boys and I are reading Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We have Loved and Eaten.

Junie B. and Room One are entering a contest to see which class has the best list of thankfuls.  Their teacher, Mr. Scary, gets caught up in the fact that they are listing first grade things, instead of grand adult things.  He thinks they should be thankful for freedom, while they point out that they are six, and they have little freedom.  Their list begins with Cranberries shaped like the can, rainbow sprinkles, and toilet paper.

The teacher concurs: their list should be their list.

The boys and I decided to make our own list, a compilation of thankfuls that is uniquely ours and not necessarily profound and memorable.

“Guys, let’s make a list of things we’re thankful for.”

“Or, we could buy a cat.”

“No, I’m leaning strongly toward the list.”  Strongly.

So here you have it: Our List of Thankfuls, 2012.


  1. Rainbow sprinkles
  2. White socks
  3. Toilet Paper
  4. Finger Paint
  5. Underpants
  6. Knee Pads
  7. Exploding Biscuits
  8. Bananas
  9. Postage stamps
  10. Strawberries
  11. Picture frames
  12. Seatbelts
  13. Diapers
  14. Tyler
  15. Legos
  16. Lego Instructions
  17. Laundry detergent
  18.  Kitchen table
  19.  iPhone
  20.  T-shirts
  21.  Books
  22.  Computers
  23. Technology
  24.  iPad
  25. Umbrellas
  26. Presents
  27.  Shovel
  28. Coffee
  29. Fingernail clippers
  30. Toaster
  31.  Toaster Streudel
  32. Croaking frogs
  33. That coffee mug up there
  34.  Our elementary school
  35. Kleenex
  36. Quick-heat curling irons
  37. Letters
  38. Bandaids
  39. Sleep Medicines
  40. Toilets
  41. Batman
  42. Superman
  43. Wonderwoman
  44. Catwoman
  45. Ice
  46. God
  47. Rocking chair
  48. Mommy’s purse
  49. Library
  50. Our house
  51.  Blue
  52. Yellow
  53. Green
  54. Floors
  55. Kitchen
  56. Ceiling fans
  57.  Ruler
  58. PopTarts
  59. DumDums
  60. Gum
  61. Wine Glasses
  62. Shampoo
  63. Electricity
  64. Candy
  65. Spelling
  66. Words
  67. Fresh flowers
  68. Daisies
  69. Freckles
  70. Hand sanitizer
  71. Picachu
  72. Traffic lights
  73. Mommy’s phone
  74. Bunkbeds
  75. Painting
  76. FlipFlops
  77.  Football
  78. Doorknobs
  79. Junie B. Jones
  80. Sparkling Cider
  81. Elbows
  82. Faces
  83. Glasses
  84. Alarm clock
  85. The Alarm
  86. Music
  87. Loud Music
  88. Popsicles
  89. Money
  90. Fruit Rollups
  91. Fruit
  92. The oven
  93. The letter O
  94. Mommy
  95. Tucker
  96. Pizza
  97. Dots (the candy)
  99. Refrigerator
  100. Melissa

(Please pay no attention to numerical order.)

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. This is a great list and I bet there is a story behind “exploding biscuits.” 😉

  2. The other day my 7.5yo son was out of control yelling about wanting one more tv show before bedtime/brush teeth time. I say that’s what we get for having a five day holiday weekend! Well, it became my task to talk gently and calm him down. At some point, I was telling him how blessed he is. He’s blessed because we have a house, because he has a brother that loves him, because he has food, because he has toothpaste, because he has jammies… etc. Eventually through still-clenched teeth he remarks, “Well, I agree with eight of those.” I found out that he doesn’t feel blessed for toothpaste. Maybe he should try going a week brushing with water instead. 🙂 I love your list. The child’s list is possibly even better than the one an adult would come up with. The little joys in life are free and I pray to always remain frugal, seeing the simple things.

  3. That’s one darn fine list! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Amen–and I add one of mine: thankful for the grace of God that pours through you to us in your writing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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