Tucker has become so very easy to be with.  Truly, remove the antagonist who pushes his buttons, and he’s one great kid to hang out with.  Conversation, wit, clever ideas, and a good bit of quiet.

I mentioned this to my mom.  Not as “I have a favorite child,” but just highlighting what I’m enjoying about one over the other.

Her response: “Yes, each of them takes after one of their parents.”

And I’ve always said, as everyone says, Tucker is so Robb.

Hey.  Wait a minute.

“Tricia, you have to admit, Robb spent most of his life with you trying to keep up and stay aware of the current situation.” She changed her voice to a fluttering, flighty tone, the one that my family uses to portray me and my whims.

“What time is the flight, Tricia?
Oh, I don’t know… sometime.
Where did you leave the (fill in the blank), Tricia?
Oh, I don’t know… it’ll show up.  Lost things always do.
How many people did you invite, Tricia?
Oh, I don’t know… lots and lots.
Did you keep the receipt, Tricia?
Oh, I don’t know… probably not.”

Aaaaand, Tucker takes after his dad.

But I maintain that Tyler and I are a lotta-lotta fun.  🙂

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