One of my favorite guilty pleasures in the world is to hear what new parents are having: a boy or girl.

That’s not the part worth confessing.  I delight with them over the news, either way.  Because there’s just no season like that one, no surprise quite like that one.

But, my favorite – my favorite – is when I learn about a family, with a slew of compliant little girls, who is having their first boy.

I nearly rub my hands together and laugh maniacally.  I want to say, “Dude.  Your life is so about to change.”

But instead, I say, “Boys are so great.  Hooray for baseball caps and overalls.”

Because boys are great.  And I’m a sucker for little boys’ accessories.  (In their infancy, it’s all in the shoes.)

But every time I see a family sitting quietly at a restaurant with their little girls who sit quietly and color quietly,

or when I hear mothers of girls talk about how precious snow days are because their little girls can color for hours and play in their dollhouses and not do a single thing to try to tear the house apart or down or off its hinges,

I think: That family needs a dose of BOY.

There’s nothing like it.  Boys are great.  I wish you one of your own.

And buckle up.  Because, dude.  So about to change.

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