In the very early hours of this morning, someone was pretending to be me.  Spending thousands of dollars with credit card numbers that belong to me.

Hey, you, if you’re reading this: not cool.

My bank caught this curious activity and called me to see if indeed I meant to spend $1000 on a bicycle or $475 on hardware.  Twice.

Nope.  That wasn’t me.

Today, I am most thankful for fraud protection, the bank who discovered the issue, and their policies that will keep me from paying someone else’s excessive bills.  Thank you for all of the above.

I smile about this only because:

a) I know my identity and I are safe, and

b) Robb would have *freaked out* over this.  He would have cancelled any kind of electronic payment we have in place, he would have withdrawn our money and deposited it in a different bank, and he would have acted like a victim of the The Great Depression and forevermore kept his savings in a coffee can under the bed.

Something extreme.

Look at me.  All handling this. I’ve got this thing.

Well, the bank and I do.

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