My friend Jeff spent a week with his parents.  His mom is 82; his dad is 86.  Jeff’s dad is in the end stages of Alzheimer’s, one of the worst thieves on the list of mental illness, and Jeff’s mom serves as primary caregiver.

They’ve been married for 61 years, and though she too is old and probably ailing in her own ways, she tends to his every need, though he is no longer present to thank her, engage her, or even recognize her.

Jeff’s mom talked with her daughter on the phone, grieving the journey she travels with her lifetime love.

“I just don’t understand why, at this point in my life, God wants to teach me patience.”

Her daughter responded with diamonds of wisdom that I have taken to heart and cannot stop replaying in my mind.

“Mom, perhaps it’s not only about what God is teaching you, but maybe it’s about what God is teaching us as we watch you walk this path.”

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