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Why Not Elope?

My brother strolled among the tables on the waterside deck, and he held the attention of the crowd at the rehearsal dinner last night.

“So many times, in these months of wedding planning, Kate and I looked at each other and said, ‘Why don’t we just take off to the courthouse and seal this deal?  Why the big wedding?  What’s the point of all this?’

You.  You are the point of all this.

In front of God and these witnesses, Kate and I will promise everything to each other.  And right here, right now, I’m inviting you – obligating you, actually – to keep us on track.  If you see either of us starting to stray, speak up.

You can say, ‘Hey, I was there.  I watched you get married.  I listened to those vows.  I heard the promises  you made to each other on the day.  And I expect you to keep them.’

So, perhaps you thought this was just a big party.  But you’re far more than guests to us.  You’re in on this commitment, too.”

Well done, Rob. You impress me.

Now put a ring on that girl.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. We should all hold them accountable to their vows shouldn’t we? But we don’t always do that.

  2. I’m impressed too! I love that.

  3. Awesome!

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