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To Listen With Your Heart

“. . . And God, give them wisdom to know right from wrong and the courage to do it, even if it’s hard.  Thank you for the special plan you have for Tucker and Tyler.  Amen.”

Tyler rolled over to face me; he was already snuggled with his blanket, his face to the wall.

“What’s the special plan?”

That’s when I realized this is the same phrase I use when I’m unveiling an adventure for the afternoon: a special plan for today.  This might call for some clarification.

“God has a special plan for you, buddy.  That’s why you were born, because he has something planned that only you can do.”

From the top bunk, Tucker asked, “But how will I know what to do?”

“God will tell you.”

“But he doesn’t talk to us.”

“He does, buddy.  You just have to listen really closely.  You have to be really quiet and still, and you’ll hear him in your heart.”

Even as I said this, I could hear the vague language of it all.  And there is such a vague nature to it all.  God does what he wants, and my experience might be different from theirs, but I want them to know they can ask him, and they can wait expectantly for him to answer.

“How do you listen with your heart, Mommy?”

“You stay very still, you listen, and in your mind you will know what he wants you to do.  Sometimes, he speaks right into my thoughts.  I don’t hear his voice, but I know that what I’m thinking is a gift, something I couldn’t have thought of on my own.”

“Can we try it?”

“Sure, guys.  Let’s pray right now, and you can ask God to speak to your heart.”

They each begin their own dialogue with the One who created them, and I prayed that God would indeed hear them and choose to whisper something in this moment, this trial and error, this early childhood experiment.

Please God.  Show up right now.

“God, can you please tell me your plan and show me what to do?”

Silence.  We waited.  I prayed with my own expectation. God, speak to my boys.

Tucker sat up.  “He did, Mommy!  He told me!”

And even though I believe this truth with all my heart, my inner skeptic ruffled her feathers a bit, too.  If my son is about to tell me something about the Halloween costume he’s begging for or what dessert he should have before he falls asleep, then I’m not sure this invitation to listen and worship will have been effective.

“What did he say, Tucker?”

“I asked him, ‘God, can you please tell me your plan and show me what to do?’ and he whispered in my heart, ‘I will, Tucker.'”

Holy God.  You whispered to my son, the promise that you will.  This conversation was between you and him.  It is enough for me that he heard you.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Tricia, you are such a good mom. You are learning as you go and depending on the Lord to teach you—oh that we all would be that wise.

  2. That made me cry……but oh isnt it so sweet to know our God is there speaking to us. Thank you.

  3. Tears here, too. You have taught me today. You gave your sons the chance to exercise their child-like faith. And God answered. This strengthens my faith and teaches me how to teach my little guy. Thank you. Seriously.

  4. I actually sobbed. As a mom, so often I’m scared God won’t show up for my kids. That he won’t be God for them the way I want him, too. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Of course he shows up!

  5. *CHILLS* That was beautiful…..absolutely beautiful. Our God is SO AWESOME! HE does indeed speak to our hearts. How wonderful when we can recognize it, and then in return teach it to our children.

  6. Tears tears and more tears. You make my day with your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  7. tears of IMMENSE JOY! thank you for sharing such an incredible, intangible moment in time. <3

  8. Beautiful! I really love this! We have these same little (yet huge) conversations in our home. I love seeing other women who will stop the noise long enough to listen to God and point their children to Him!

  9. This gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Sooo beautiful when our kids have their own encounters with their Abba Father. Thanks for sharing.

  10. weeping, thank you for sharing

  11. Tricia, thank you. Clearly God was speaking to you, too.

  12. “I don’t hear his voice, but I know that what I’m thinking is a gift, something I couldn’t have thought of on my own.”

    I love this! This is the absolute BEST way to explain the knowing that it is God’s speaking that I am hearing. I love that you had the right words to try to teach your sons, and GUESS WHAT? I’m going to use your words to teach my sons the same lesson!

  13. That gives me chills and tears, Tricia, the good kind.

    • That makes two of us, Patty.

      • Three of us.

  14. I am weeping. Bless you for teaching, modeling these intimate converstions with God. I was way too old before I realized that He indeed speaks to me.

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