Dear Rob and Kate,

This is your love story.  It belongs only to you.
Write it well.  Tell it well.  Live it well.
Trust, respect, and appreciate each other.
Choose gratitude and compassion,
and unconditional love will fall into place.
Believe in each other.
Cheer the loudest for your companion.
Be spontaneous, fun, and romantic.
Stand together, and welcome space in your togetherness.
Know when to listen, talk, and feel.
Say, “I love you,”
and “I’m sorry,”
and “I forgive you,”
and  “You’re my favorite.”
Be brave.  What you fear most may bring to your marriage the deepest understanding and intimacy.
I pray for you a bit of sully in your sweet,
a touch of rain to bring your sunshine.
I wish you not perfection, but real love.
Not what you imagine, but what you’d never dream.
This is your love story.
Write it well.  Tell it well.  Live it well.



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