So, I decided to up the ante for the wedding: I wore false eyelashes.

I had heard they’ll give you a whole new look on life. Literally.

I did a trial run last week, managed to keep from gluing my eyes closed, and decided I would make the lashes part of the wedding day attire.

But then they said their vows, this bride and groom whom I adore.

“In sickness and in health,
Until death parts us.”

And those words undid me.

I cried my eyelashes right off. Like, onto the floor.

I quietly slipped them to a friend in the front row. The pastor said, “and now we will take a moment to pass the peace,” and I took that moment to pass a piece of me to Mindy.

Here. Hold these. Peace.


I think they’re still laying on a hymnal. Somebody will have a creepy surprise on Sunday morning.

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