The boys have two days off school, Robb’s birthday is this weekend, and I firmly believe that Priceline was designed for the adventurous spirit who wants to getaway fast, now, without any real direction.

And this has brought us to a hotel that is one-part The Shining and one-part my Grandma’s TV room. Stale cigarette smell notwithstanding.

As we checked in, Tyler slipped away to a phone in the lobby, and he called the front desk. “Excuse me,” said Cindy, the big-haired lady, as she dismissed herself from my transaction to answer the phone. That’s a grand start.

(Sorry. That’s my son calling you. Pay no attention, please. He has no familiarity with corded phones.)

They’ve invited us to dinner for meatball sliders and cocktails. My children are currently doing cannonballs into the hot tub and rescuing each other with the life preserver.

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure. (Cindy might not have chosen us, though.)

Wish me luck.

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