The police came to our house this morning.  7:42 AM.

Someone (who is small and lives here) triggered the alarm downstairs.

ADT called for reinforcements.

Except it turns out that the same someone who triggered the alarm, when he meant to press the OFF button, pressed the PANIC button instead.

So apparently we’re the ones who called for reinforcements.

The doorbell rang, and I called to the boys, “Don’t answer that!  Don’t open the door!”

I’m sure that assuaged any concerns the policemen had: the frantic mother ordering her children not to open the door.

(I didn’t know it was police. I thought some overly zealous salesman or evangelist was at our door.  For which I was not ready to open it.)

“Good morning, officers.  Remember us?  I see you remember our address.  In all these years, we’ve had only one real emergency.  The rest were all false alarms.  Today is one of those… the latter category.”

Also, this is what I look like at 7:42.

Good to know all systems are in place for my safety.

Except the one about answering the door in my jammies.

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