“Tell me something you think about, Tyler,” my mom asks him.

“I think about Wow Wow Wubzy.” This is the current rage at my house, which kind of astounds me because it’s a program designed for preschoolers. But if they want to settle in for cute, cuddly, and benign stories about cooperation and friendship, then who am I to push other (more stimulating) options?

“No, tell me something you think about. Something not on TV. Tell me something going on in your noggin.”

“Well, I think about my day.”

“Yeah? Tell me the best thing about your day.”

“The best thing about today was my Mommy-15.”

(Mommy-15 is when each boy gets 15 minutes with mom, we can do anything he chooses, and the only rule is Don’t Interrupt Your Brother’s Mommy-15.)

“Do you know what we did for my Mommy-15? We made blueberry smoothies. And I had some, and Mommy had some, and we shared some with Tucker, and it was so delicious. And we only spilled one drop.”

My mom relayed this story to me at the end of a long day, under the headline of “Tricia, let me tell you the best thing you did today.”

That would have indeed been the best part of the day . . . if it had happened.

“Mom, that didn’t happen. He made that up.”

“You’re kidding?!”

“I’m not kidding. He begged and begged me to make smoothies with him, he listed all the ingredients, he even got out the blender. I told him we couldn’t do it today. We didn’t have all the ingredients, and I didn’t have the time. So his favorite part of today didn’t really happen.”

He made it all up, including the details of one small spill and abundant quality time. None of that happened.

I’m not really sure what to do with this.

What does it mean for him to tell such an extravagant story of something we didn’t do together?
What do I do with the guilt I now feel for saying no over what he wanted to do most, what he claimed as the best part of his day?
What do I do with this budding storyteller who can spin and tale so quickly, including the details that nobody will question?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing: you can bet your sweet bippy we made smoothies this morning. Strawberry Pineapple.

We really did.


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