Dear Tricia,

I just want to thank you again for sharing your story. Your recount of Robb’s death is forever in my brain, so when my Mom didn’t feel well, and then she began chilling and shaking uncontrollably, I went back to your story.

Then a high fever came. Then she was lethargic.  Her family doctor did no further testing and simply sent her home to rest.

I knew in my gut to keep pushing for more attention for her, and I encouraged my Dad to keep a close eye on her because I wondered if she was going through something similar to Robb.

Dad took her to the ER yesterday.  She has a double kidney infection that had become septic, and the ER doctors said her condition was nearly irreversible.  

She is now in ICU, and they believe she will have a full recovery.

Your story has not only helped to heal you – it may have helped save my Mom’s life!

Love you! Thank you!

* * *

Thank you, God.

Please tell Robb: his story brings life in more ways than one.

Perhaps in more ways than I can count.

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