Every writer has routines.
Perhaps superstitions.

A favorite song or CD or playlist to write to.
A must-have candle burning.  Often strawberry-scented, since they say the smell of strawberries evokes creativity.
A tattered, comfy sweater to wear.
A favorite chair – wooden and creaky, or overstuffed and swallowing.
Total silence, a clear desk, a cup of coffee.

Anything to invite the muse. Or the ideas.  Or the divine buzz of creativity. Or the whatever you choose to call it.

I need four things:

1) An iced beverage,
2) A corner table in a chatty space where activity is happening around me,
3) Earbuds and the music choice of the day,
4) Lipstick.

I always, always put on lipstick before I write.

This is my go-to recipe.

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