This week at Vacation Bible School, there was a small degree of panic and pandemonium when a little boy announced he was “allergic to popcorn” while he sat in a room filled with children munching on the midmorning snack.

“We have a child with a popcorn allergy.”
“Can someone find a different snack for him?”
“Different snack?!  No!  You have to get him out of there! This could be an airborn allergy – his airway could close!  There’s popcorn everywhere in there!”
“Someone!  Quick!  Get him out of there!”

When they retrieved him from the scene, the teachers asked him to explain his symptoms.  “Tell us, little guy.  What happens to you when you eat popcorn?”

“Oh, nothing.  I just don’t like it. I’d like to have something else, thank you.”

Three guesses on who might be the mother of this little fire starter.

Two guesses on which of her sons is the culprit.

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