Spring springs forth from death. It unaccountably, inexplicably, unexpectedly shows up in the least likely places and most unpromising circumstances.

Maybe the death of someone you love.  Maybe the loss of a job, or a torturous stretch of poor health, or a long and twisting road of emotional upheaval, or a deep valley of depression.  Maybe a season of conflict in your home or workplace or neighborhood or church.

Whatever, the crisis makes your heart bitter soil or frozen ground, too hard or too parched or too leached to nourish any seed to life, maybe even to receive any seed at all.

And then one day it breaks, suddenly and everywhere at once.  And the only way you can explain it is that God did it.  God acted.  God intervened.  Aslan is on the move.

And when God moves, everything is different.

~ Mark Buchanan, Spiritual Rhythm

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