Today I read about “choosing innocence.”

Living in innocence: the place where Jesus chose to live. Henri says, “In that place, I am loved and well held. There I do not have to be afraid.
Can I choose to make innocence my home?
Think from there, speak from there?
Act from there?
Every time I choose my innocence,
I don’t have to worry about the next ten years.
I can simply be where I am,
always sure that I am not alone
but with him who called me to live as God’s child.”

But what do I do with this?
What does this mean?

“… to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

How do I, a broken person,
live among other broken people,
in a polluted, broken world,
and still choose – or even find – my innocence?

How do I choose innocence that does not breed self righteousness?
How do I choose innocence at all?

Perhaps this is a call to love without condition,
to be approachable and gracious,
but to set boundaries and safeguards
to protect myself against the breech of my innocence.

Perhaps even my own breech of my own innocence.

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