Dictionary.com sends me a Word of the Day.

(I remember when Robb and I sat across the table from one another on a date night, both of us more wrapped up in our smartphones than in each other.  I had downloaded the Dictionary app, and he had downloaded the Scientific Table of Elements.

Neither one of us could understand why the other could find a use for such an app, and neither of us minded that we were merely sharing space and little else.  We were both totally okay with that definition of ‘date.’  I still don’t regret it.

Sometimes you’ve got to let each other be.  Sometimes it’s enough to listen to the breath of the person beside you and know that the word ‘beside’ is important and enough.)

Today’s word of the day: fard.

Fard.  v. To apply cosmetics.

Fard. Farding.  Farded.

Yeah, no.  I’m not using this word.

And apparently I’m in fifth grade, because I’ve been saying it in my mind all day, giggling to myself.

“There’s so much farding happening all around me today.”

“I think you need to fard.”

“Whew.  I totally need more face wash.  You know, from all the farding.”

“Look, the woman next to me is farding at the stoplight.”

“Where’s Mommy?” “She’s in the bathroom.  Farding.”

(Robb would have had one glory day with this word.  As would his sons.)

I choose, no thank you, Dictionary.com.
That is not my word of the day.

And I will not say this word out loud.  Nope.  Won’t.

Will not.

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