“Mommy, do you love Daddy or God more?”

“I love them differently.  And I am so thankful God gave Daddy to me.”

Long pause, further thinking, wheels turning in his busy mind.

“Do you love us more, or Daddy more?”

“I love you differently than I love Daddy.  And I am so thankful Daddy gave you to me.”

There is so much more to explain, so much more to say.  But how can I ever say enough about my love for my Creator, my soulmate, the children of my heart?

How can I explain the facets of each relationship, how I am blessed, forgiven, and encouraged in each?

They will not understand until they have found themselves in each, a new identity in each, a new self discovery in each.

But for now, my answer suffices the question on his mind.

“I love you differently.  And I am thankful.”

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