I’ve been a little distracted recently.

I was tangled in a web of confusion,
and pretending,

blended with ignoring,
and just plain not wanting to do the right thing.

And this kind of mental gymnastics can do a number on a girl’s emotional energy, yet still I leaned into the confusion, letting it sap me, drip by drip.

(I know I’m being vague.  Sorry about that.  And also please just deal with it and move on.)

In the car on Saturday, Tyler said – quite out of the blue – “Mommy, I would like to pray right now.”

“Okay, kiddo.”

“I’ll start, and you can finish, okay?”


He folded his little hands, and he prayed aloud.

“Dear Jesus, please help us to know when the devil is trying to trap us.  Please help us to always see what you want us to do, and please help us to obey immediately.  Amen.”

Well, crap.

I’m not even kidding.  I wouldn’t make this up.
This was his impromptu prayer from the backseat.  That’s what I get for asking God to give my children discerning spirits… my four-year-old was seemingly discerning my spirit.

“Go ahead, Mommy.  You can finish.”

I can finish.  My son is waiting for my paragraph to follow.  Step right in, Trish.  And say it with feeling.

“Yes, God.  Thank you for whispering to us to let us know the right thing at the right time, and help us to do it with the right attitude.  Amen.”

My tone may or may not have had the right attitude.

“Thank you, Mommy.  I just needed to say that.”

“I understand, sweet boy.  And thank you for saying it.”

(Crap.  So much for ignoring and justifying.  I just got called out.)

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