I’ll never in my life believe a dollar is wasted in the strengthening of one’s personal library.

We went shopping at the book fair.

Tucker chose The Interrupting Chicken, a very charming story about a chicken who perpetually interrupts the narrator and thereby shifts the ending of the fairy tales we all know.

Tyler chose The Incredible Hand, a nonfiction book that tells really all a four-year-old could want to know about hands. (Bonus: it came with a skeletal model to build. Who can resist this? Not my son.)

In the chapter about genetics, why your hands have the traits they do, The Hand Book asks these questions:

Is either of your little fingers crooked?
Which is longer – your ring finger or your index finger?
Do you have a hitchhiker’s thumb?
When you clasp your hands, which thumb is on top – right or left?

They offer check boxes for each question:

And I can’t remember Robb’s answers; I can’t remember everything about his hands.

How can I not know?
How can I not remember?

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