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The Grace Confounds Me.


My spirit is light today.  How can this be?
Only that I am carried on the breaths and prayers of countless.

Jesus, let’s talk about Tiffany.
She wrote to me to say she has found You,
committed her life to You –
directly as a result of reading my blog.

O, the grace confounds me.
That I could be Your vessel.

These words are astounding to write, but still I say:

Her eternal salvation is worth the wrenching pain of losing Robb.

He is okay.  More than okay.  She was not.

Perhaps he died so that others may live.

May there be more.  More upon more.

I could not – would not – have had the courage to give him for Your cause.

And yet, by Your grace, I am content with the sacrifice.

O, that Robb was able to join in the angelic celebration over Tiffany’s soul.

Turns out, he and I are still in ministry together.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Always and today.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. beautiful! “O, that Robb was able to join in the angelic celebration over Tiffany’s soul.” What a celebration that was…and is!

  2. Praise God! You inspire me, Tricia.

  3. How wonderful and what a sweet sacrifice of praise to our God are your words – “her salvation is worth the wrenching pain of losing Robb”. Thank you for your transparent witness and love for God.

  4. What a blessing you are to so many lives! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  5. My heart rejoices with you!!!!! Of course you would not have chosen to lose Robb but how our great God can bring beauty from ashes! His work is like a tapestry where on this earth we can only see the ugly underside (the knots and threads not making any sense together) but he sees the other side, the finished and beautiful masterpiece, how it all fits together, as his plan allows, to be a magnificent work of art. What a gift you have been given to see a tiny glimpse of one small corner of the finished side.

    You are so right—Robb is OK now in heaven with the Lord, but Tiffany would not have been if not for Robb’s death. How can our human minds grasp that concept?!

    And I love your statement—You and Robb are still in ministry together!

    And Tiffany, if you are reading, welcome to the family! What encouragement to me today! Blessings to you!

    ~Kim A.

    • Love the vision of a tapestry. Helps me make some sense of all the craziness of the world. It really helped me focus on seeing the big beautiful picture!

  6. That’s wonderful! Praise God for His blessings that good comes from all. 🙂

  7. oh tricia…what a beautiful trophy that you will have to lay at the feet of jesus…tiffany is your daughter in the lord…i just find this so breath taking and it fills my heart with joy!…jesus will certainly say to you, .”well done thou good and faithful servant!”…..god bless you sweet tricia and god bless tiffany! terry

  8. <3 Tricia <3 God's unconditional love, grace and amazing generosity, that flood out of you and your gifted words, NEVER cease to change me, touch me, and make me cry. God is SO good. Praise God. Lovely lovely girl. I was afraid of the possibility of this post, because being a servant of the Lord alone is such a huge and blessed responsibility, not to mention how I came to learn of it, but I rejoice knowing that many will read this and see through you, as I did, God's Amazing Grace.

  9. Wow, just wow. You amaze me 🙂

  10. oh friend. This touches my heart deeply. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in and through you (both).

  11. You just made me cry!

  12. Praising the Lord with you for this amazing blessing of amazing grace! I’m confident that all of heaven, including your Robb, are rejoicing today!

  13. What a beautiful thing He’s doing.

  14. Beautiful! So beautiful! Praise God!

  15. This is love, Tricia…..I am blessed by these words of true love. May more and more graces be added!

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