My spirit is light today.  How can this be?
Only that I am carried on the breaths and prayers of countless.

Jesus, let’s talk about Tiffany.
She wrote to me to say she has found You,
committed her life to You –
directly as a result of reading my blog.

O, the grace confounds me.
That I could be Your vessel.

These words are astounding to write, but still I say:

Her eternal salvation is worth the wrenching pain of losing Robb.

He is okay.  More than okay.  She was not.

Perhaps he died so that others may live.

May there be more.  More upon more.

I could not – would not – have had the courage to give him for Your cause.

And yet, by Your grace, I am content with the sacrifice.

O, that Robb was able to join in the angelic celebration over Tiffany’s soul.

Turns out, he and I are still in ministry together.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Always and today.

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