Little boys fascinate me.
I mean really, truly fascinate me.

They are fearless.
Anything seems possible.
Anything is worth trying.
They are born with an implicit understanding that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
If it’s fun, let’s make it dangerous.
Loud is good.
Big is better.
And if you can turn something small and meaningless into something big and loud and powerful?
Well, that is really the ultimate victory.

We’ve taken a lot away from them in our “sit still, behave, stay inside, talk nicely, inside voices, please don’t try that, what did I tell you, be safe” culture.

(I’m not saying this because I am ready to relinquish any of those things we’ve taken away.)

I’ve been thinking of David, the man after God’s own heart.

Boys are fascinating. God made them that way.

And when I imagine the fortitude,
blind courage,
fierce fearlessness,
personal confidence,
and total abandonment
he needed to take on Goliath,

to turn those small stones into something big and powerful,


it makes the pretend warfare that’s happening in my basement come alive to me.

Boys are fascinating. God made them that way.

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