Tri-fold boards line the hallways, filled with illustrations of hypotheses, experiments, and outcomes. It’s Science Fair Season.

And I remember how Robb and I high-fived each other on our balanced interests. Our kids had it made: I would help them with reading and writing, and Robb would help them with math and science.

Most certainly the science fair would be Robb’s territory. I even teased him that teachers can sniff out parents’ work, so I would probably have to remind him to step back and let the boys do at least some of it on their own.

My heart quickens as I pass all those science displays, water cycles, homemade batteries, sorted recycling, and and simple circuitry.

And I remind myself: Slow down that train, Tricia. We’ve got a couple years to figure out the science fair.

For now, I’ll be in the front row of the Kindergarten Readers’ Theater on Friday. This, I can do.

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