Tucker performed in the Kindergarten Readers’ Theater: The Biggest, Best Snowman.

He was a reindeer. He wore antlers, and he ‘nudged’ the snowball with his reindeer nose as the forest animals made it bigger and bigger.

And he delivered the one witty line in the play.

Classmate: But how will we get the head on top of the snowman?

Tucker: Very, very carefully.

And the room erupted with laughter.

Uncle Rob, Tucker’s theater hero, says that’s all it takes: all he needed was a little taste of the live audience eating out of his hand.

The children took a bow at the end, received their applause, and waved to all the cameras.

And I was overcome. For the rest of my days, I believe those are the moments when I will miss Robb most: when one of our sons has a shining moment, and I wish to hear his hooting applause.

I caught up with Tucker ‘backstage.’

“Hey, buddy? You were a rockstar. And daddy would have loved your show.”


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